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Liquid Soul Ecstatic Dance is a North East Los Angeles community run non-profit collective of people who love the practice of conscious dance. 


We believe that free form dance is one of the most ancient and profound paths for coming in and practicing the art of being present in this moment with whatever we are feeling. As we dance into an uncensored experience of what IS, we find a deeper connection with ourselves and others. This practice is not limited to the dance floor - the more we dance, the more we find joy and ease in our daily lives. 


Friday Night FUNk is a weekly gathering with rotating facilitators - skilled members of our community who use music and words to gently guide us into our bodies and hearts. Each of our facilitators brings his or her own unique perspective to the journey of ecstatic dance, weaving a tapestry of funky eclectic grounding music for your delight.


Come dance with us!

Come meet us here>>>>>>

Friday Night FUNk is extremely grateful for the creative support of photographer Craig Baurley and videographers Chris McKee and  Rafaella Nepales. Check out their websites by clicking on their names!

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