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Here are some of our facilitators!  Click here for support team.

Mary Frances Spencer

Mary Frances is a Yoga and Movement teacher and long time ecstatic dancer.

She blends a mix of old school funk

and rock, alternative, tribal, latin

and eclectic music into a sweaty blast

of fun.

Maria Elena Gil

Maria Elena discovered at a very young age that she feels most alive when she’s dancing.  Since then, she’s made sure that no matter what phase her life or body is in - she dances.  Maria Elena’s mixes draw from world traditions that evoke the deep wisdom, joy, vitality and power of the human experience. As a facilitator she holds space that is not just body positive, but unconditionally accepting, supportive and fun across age, gender, culture, social class and mood. Come move to the rhythm of you!

Susan Biddlecomb

Susan came to dance through Kundalini yoga, and she sustains the freedom of dance at Friday Night Funk. Her playlists often reflect the music she heard growing up in the Crenshaw district.

“Whatever you are doing is the most beautiful thing, the prettiest dance, because you are dancing with the whole universe.” – - - Yogi Bhajan

Dyn Dowling Ashby

Pulling inspiration from around the globe and across genres, Dyn shares a mix that is a little unexpected with a nitty gritty blend of earthy, yet playful music that’s always rooted with strong bass rhythms. Such musical juxtapositions are at the core of FUNk, which help us both simultaneously loosen up and feel grounded while we dance.

Diane Alesha Pond

Diane Alesha has studied Expressive Arts, Non-Violent Communication, shamanism through the Shamanic Foundation, taken 5Rhythm workshops and dances the Tantric Dance of Feminine Power. All this lovely medicine, mixed together with a big dash of Funk, is laid out at the dancers feet when she spins music as one of the Friday Night Funk Collective DJ’s.

Brett Fleisher

When Brett was only three years old he accidentally bit into and swallowed "the funk". It has been living inside of him ever since. Over the years, he has noticed, strangely, that this "funk" only ever tries to escape then the sounds of juicy beats and groovy rhythms are playing. To this day, he continues to try to exorcise this phenomenon whenever these sweet sounds are heard, and he takes great pleasure in guiding others to do the same!

Kato Wittich

Kato has been midwifing deep soul

diving for twenty years as a Rosen/Yuen/FamilyConstellations 



Kato is the founder of Friday Night

FUNk. It is her great delight to

create a music/dance landscape to

sweep you into the the art of being

fiercely present in this delicious

moment, whatever it is!

Kato is currently on hiatus due to a

writing project, but dances with FNF

in her heart every Friday!


Dance, when you're broken open. 

Dance, if you've torn the bandage off. 

Dance in the middle of the fighting. 

Dance in your blood. 

Dance when you're perfectly free.

- Rumi

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