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FUNk Is...

funk·y   (fŭng′kē)

adj.  funk·i·er, funk·i·est


1. (of music) passionate, soulful; of or pertaining to funk. having or using a strong dance rhythm. having an earthy blues based character.


2. authentic; earthy; without pretense, raw, real,deeply felt.


3. hip; cool: offbeat, odd, quirky, unconventional


4. smelly, malodorous, repulsive, stanky!


funk is the second most complex word in the English language - after "shit". Means both exceptionally good and extremely bad.


Funky, derived from the noun funk, "strong smell, stink" originally meant "smelling strong or musty" and could be used to decribe body odor, like the funky smell on a crowded dance floor in an old blues bar.


In Talkin and Testifyin: The Language of Black America, funky is "the bluenotes or blue mood created in jazz, blues, and soul music... down to earth soulfully expressed sounds; by extension - the real nitty gritty or fundamental essence of life. Soul to the max!" (Smitherman)


FUNk is what happens when you bring your uncensored smelly succulent self to the dance floor and allow all of you to be present. Not just your pretty parts. Your juicy dirty parts. Your sorrowful raging parts and your sad heart broken open parts. Your guts and your grit and your aliveness.


FUNk is what happens when you don't deodorize.  


FUNk is music from the bottom up and a loving community where your most secret self is welcome. 


Come dance with us!

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